Saturday, August 9

Happy in Hoboken

I truly love it here in Hoboken, New Jersey. It's early August, and I can run everyday without passing out from heat exhaustion (Houston), or getting plowed over by a taxi cab (Philadelphia). I can also take an elevator when I bring home groceries, which is such a wonderful change from the 3rd floor walk-up in Philly.

I've only been in to "the city" once since we moved here a month ago, and that's quite fine with me. Manhattan is a madhouse, and I find that gazing at it across the Hudson River is far more marvelous than actually being there.

I've made a great friend too, who as luck may have it is from Texas. She is a professional photographer in town, and in exchange for my studio managment and editting help, she and her partner let me use their gear, work with me on special photography projects of my own, and let me attend the photography classes that they teach.

I am continuing to knit on the camouflage blanket for my nephew. It's 400 stitches across, and I plan to make it 400 rows long as well. At roughly 9-12 minutes per row, I finally reached 1/8th of the way through after around 6 hours of knitting.

Haydn and Dietrie are enjoying their newfound modeling gigs in my photography practicing. Malaney is also, but she can't sit still long enough for me to get one that isn't blurry, so stay tuned for her picture.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took tonight in the park that protrudes from Hoboken into the Hudson River and is about a football field in size.

This is the view of Manhattan from the other end of the park - it's actually a view of midtown, where Times Square and my husband's office are located. Of couse, the Empire State Building is the most prominent building in the photo.


Mariss said...

Yay! Mindy, it sounds like you're really loving it there. I'm so happy. The new Texan friend and photography gig sound awesome! I'm sure you'll be doing very cool things with it.

I miss you tons, but am glad you're so happy!

P.S. Those little mini-business cards I got were from and are called "Moo Cards".

Turner Publishing said...

Good morning!

First off, I promise I'm not spam. I'm with Turner Publishing and we have a new title called "Historic Photos of Hoboken" by local author Joe Czachowski. This 10x10 gift book is a pictorial narrative of the history of Phoenix told through beautiful, culled-from-the-archives black and white photos, some never before viewed. I'm contacting local bloggers/freelancers because we were wondering if we could send you a complimentary copy for possible review on your blog. Please let me know if you might be interested in this wonderful book of your city! If so, please just email me back with a physical address and I'll ship one out to you right away. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Liz Chenery

Turner Publishing said...

Sorry--obviously it's for Hoboken, not Phoenix. I've got to start drinking coffee earlier in the morning.
-Liz Chenery

Mindy said...

I'm happy to review your book. I sent an email to customer service at Turner Publishing, with your name in the subject.