Saturday, July 24

Sewing: New Hobby, New Projects

I learned quickly that trying to complete knitting projects was futile now that I have a baby to tend to.  It took me several weeks to complete this knit hat, which she wasn't terribly excited about it, as you can see.  (This picture is from when she was 8-weeks old.  She is almost 5-months old now.)

Sewing has proven to be a much better option, which I realized after making my first baby quilt a few months before her birth.  Last week I completed my second patchwork quilt, which I made the same way, but with a border this time. 

It is for my unborn niece, who is due in October. (My brother's baby.  Incidentally, my husband's sister just had a baby girl yesterday!  Stay tuned for her gifts!)  She'll be the little sister to the cutie pie I knit several blankets for a couple of years ago. His primary blanket was a blue basket weave, but there were many camouflage blankets as well.

Here he is with his sister's blanket.  He's 2-years old!  Time just flies.

With the scraps from these first two quilts, I made a little cloth burp rag, the pattern to which I found on Sew Mama Sew, it's scrap buster contest.  I've been wanting a burp rag for when we are out in public or at church.  The cloth diapers we've been using are quite worn and tattered, which is fine for home, but slightly embarrassing when we're out and about.  I've been tempted to buy the ever popular Aden and Anais burpy bibs, but hope that my handmade one will now satisfy my needs.

Here it is with the original quilt I made. 

I found several patterns that I will make in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 21

First Bites

Here she is eating her first bowl of cereal, which she gobbled down like she's been eating solid foods from a spoon for ages.  I hope it's a sign that she'll be a good eater!