Thursday, May 29

Happy Birthday!

Isn't it funny how we celebrate a baby's birthday every few moments? I do understand this now, though. I could have stared at this little guy for hours and celebrated each moment. He is absolutely adorable . . . but so dang sleepy. My brother and sister-in-law are actually having to wake him to feed him at night. What I think, though, is that he just loves the blanket his Aunt Mindy made for him so much that he pretends to be asleep so no one takes it from him.
Look what happens when he doesn't have his blanket. Bad idea!
(Though his cry is pretty cute, too! He makes a precious, little squeak.)

He does consider waking up if he gets to go for a motorcycle ride, though.
Pardon his blurry hands, he's revving.

Oh, and he has pretty eyes, too. We almost forget he has them.

I certainly don't know whether I'm ready to go through "the joy" of childbirth. Yaouch! I deeply admire my sister-in-law for what she went through to bring this precious, perfect little guy into this world. But, she's pretty incredible anyway. She was welcoming a non-stop brigade of visitors into her hospital room within hours of his birth, and from what I understand, the door at their house is still swinging.


Mariss said...

Mindy. You are so hilarious. The blanket is so cute, and I'm sure your nephew will love it, since it's from his favorite Aunt Mindy!!!

Glad that baby and mama are doing well. He is precious. Happy 9 days old (is it now??!!).

Lisa said...

The blankie looks so snuggly. But I cannot wait for a better shot of him in his motorcycle vest.

Robin said...


EmilyG said...

Great photos! The blanket looks perfect!

Sherry W said...

What a sleepyhead! Lucky parents, though.