Monday, May 19

Today was Tomorrow Yesterday

My husband and I are in the midst of the fury of change that we've been anticipating for over six months. It feels surreal to be in the middle of what we were planning for. I liked the phrase I read recently - Today was tomorrow yesterday. That sums up this surreal feeling perfectly.

Two weeks ago, we found our new apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey.

My husband will commute across the Hudson River to mid-town Manhattan each day. Hoboken is laid out in one-square mile, which is exactly the size of the town where I grew up in the Texas Panhandle. There's only a minor difference. Booker, Texas has a population of 1,200. Hoboken's population in 40,000. It's unbelievable how my perspective has changed since my days in Booker.
To me now, Hoboken is a small, quiet town - a retreat from the unbearable (for me, at least) hubbub in New York. So, while I'm not up for living in the insanity of Manhattan, living in city where the population density is only 40,000 per square mile seems quite comfortable for me.

Yesterday, under a blanket of pouring rain, my husband graduated from Wharton with his MBA. I am quite proud of him, even if I am a little disillusioned by Wharton's remarkable resemblance to a never-ending two-year fraternity party. Both sets of our parents came to celebrate the ocassion. They were very sweet to congratulate and give me gifts, too. It does feel like I just finished a marathon and have now entered the sprint for the finish line and the ability to take a deep breath.

What's next? My brother's baby is due any minute!


Robin said...

Congrats to your hubby! Bummer about the weather. I don't know what's worse - snow (which I had, also on 5/18) or rain.

You'll find that most towns in NJ are relatively small, size-wise, yet they are very densely populated and each town runs into the other. In Bergen County, where I'm from, you can drive 10 minutes and drive thru 5 towns!

Lisa said...

Congrats to Chris!!

It was so nice to be introduced to your parents. I felt quite special :)