Tuesday, April 21

Back to Babies

My recent lack of motivation to blog stems primarily from the fact that I no longer have the fantastic camera that I borrowed from my friend because she needed it back. I'm finally coming to terms with it, and broke out my point/shoot camera.
I haven't had much more motivation to knit than to take pictures. But, my chiropractor is awaiting the arrival of her baby girl, and after she gushed over the color of my hat that I knit in Manos del Uraguay's wool, I thought it was a great opportunity to use up some of my "matchy-matchy" (thanks, Wendy) yarn.
I loved the color so much when I first started to knit that I bought several skeins of it in wool, and when the same colorway was available in silk, I bought more. Alas, as Wendy knew before I did, the color got old quickly..

No one knows the power of a baby like a knitter. Just the mention of one of those tiny little boogers makes our fingers itch. After several attempts to find a bootie or slipper pattern that I could properly gauge with the silk, I arrived at Susan B. Anderson's Cozy Slippers from her book Itty Bitty Nusery.

The baby slippers and hat are in the silk yarn, and the gift bag is wool.

Spring has sprung here in Hoboken, but the street that I've been using for my Seasons of Hoboken photography is going to be the last street to bloom. I'll take down the cold winter picture soon, I hope.


Mariss said...

It's good to "hear" your voice, Minders. No matter how sparse you may post, I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

The booties and hat are adorable. I love the colors, but understand getting sick of specific colors. I find that the change in season really affects my taste as well visually. I just noticed it in the past couple of years though.

Even if it's a point and shoot, your photos are lovely. Do what you can, and upgrade later. xoxo

Wendy said...

Good use of the matchy matchy!