Friday, July 24

New Project: Charity Knitting

I've been slowly working on coordinating a group on Ravelry that provides an opportunity for knitters to make and donate items to cat-focused charity organizations. I know that I would adopt absolutely every stray animal I found if I had unlimited resources, and I have many friends who would do the same, particularly for cats. So, for those who admirably take on the challenge of caring for cats without homes, I felt that my friends and I would jump at the chance to help them if we just knew who they were and what they needed.

So, I set up a group on Ravelry that is a semi-swap/semi-charity group. We've had one small, but successful swap, and I've gotten a fabulous graphic designer from Ravelry's Design Donors group to create a badge and banner for the group.

A list of charities is constantly growing as members of the group share them.

We'll have regular swaps, during which we can work in groups or individually to complete a project to donate to a charity at the end of the swap. I made a blanket during the last swap and sent it to a New York state knitter who was active in her local SPCA. I'm really hoping to get a substantial enough list of charities together that each member can find one local to him/her. That way, we can establish a relationship with our local charities and maybe get involved in other ways.

Let me know if you know of any to add to our list!



Lisa said...

Ahhhh, I remember two occasions when your kitty-family came very close to growing. My new adoption, Ajax, is thriving and taking over the rule of the household. love my little man :)

Mindy said...

I had no idea you'd gotten another kitty! Yay! ...and then there were three. You know that having three puts us in a whole different league, right? No more, "Oh, you have two? That's sweet." Now it's, "Oh my! Wow. That's a lot of cats!"