Tuesday, June 29

Life Lessons

My mother comments regularly on how sewing and knitting abilities skipped her generation and jumped from my grandmother to me.  I just think it's unfortunate that I haven't been able to learn from my grandmother because we live so far apart.  So instead, I seek out and pay for classes or beg them off of kind, patient friends.  As a mother now myself, I hope to be able to pass along as much know-how as possible to my daugher, which I hope she continues to nurture.  I find so much joy in creating things, but my biggest frustration is how hard I struggle to find information and learn. 

Two months ago, I took a sewing lesson, and she watched patiently from her stroller.  Yesterday, I took another lesson, but my little girl was not interested in watching.  At four-months old, she's very interested in being involved.  So, the only sewing I completed during my lesson, I completed with her on my lap.  Sweet angel!  I won't complain.  I love her so much and hope she learns to appreciate the simple things in life, and I hope to teach her.


Jen Born said...

I love this picture! It is so so precious! I'm so amazed that she calmly sat on your lap while you sewed. What a good girl!

Delores said...

Dear Mindy
This photo is so sweet. I just posted some photos on fb of my mom quilting baby blankets. So glad the creative genes got to you. Wish you every blessing!