Sunday, April 6

A Little Progress Report

Well, I've just been chugging along on my projects. Here is my crochet progress, which I am so pleased about. Tomorrow night, Courtney will help me complete my bag with the pink handles. I've decided to line it so it is reversable as well. No pictures of the fabric yet though, so stay tuned.
Lisa J. has joined the rank of Patient Angel along side Courtney, as she patiently walked me through almost every one of the stitches on my needle...after she pulled out the countless wrong ones that were there before. Thank you Sweet Lisa. You're my hero!
And, for the biggest news, I have four inches to go on my nephew's blanket. I can hardly believe it. So, it will have taken me almost as long as my sister-in-law's pregnancy to knit it. So, in a weird way, it has grown with him.
So, nothing enormous to report, just steady progress. But, as sweet Marissa reminds me, "Slow and steady wins the race." I have such great friends. It's the greatest feeling in the world. ...well, perhaps second only to completing a baby blanket.


Lisa said...

Patient...angel...describing moi? I am emailing a link to this posting to my disbelieving mother!! Seriously, just happy to spread the entrelac love around.

4 more inches? That's nothing. Doesn't it feel good to be at the end?

mariss said...

Aww. Lisa is a sweetheart, I agree! And thanks for reminding me what I told you, since I need that right now on the shawl(s) I'm working on!

You're a great person, that's why it's so easy being your friend. Awwww. xo