Wednesday, April 9

Paws a Moment for a Cause

My friend Sherry is highlighting a cause on her website that I can't help but share with you. If you know me at all, you know that I would adopt absolutely every stray animal, amphibian, and plant that needs a loving home. I was well on my way toward completing this goal when I got married and was forced to limit my collection of strays. Chris sternly informs me (often!) that we are at our weight limit in pets (and a little beyond the limit in plants). He said if I want another pet, a trade off is required. While I have the kitties on a serious diet (right, as if I am not their complete servant - "Why, is that a hungry look? Yes, of course I will feed you.), they haven't quite lost enough weight for me to get a Yorkie. I did get a fish, though!

Back to the topic at hand. It is quite easy for me to recognize the innate desire, which at times feels more like a physical need actually, to help these little critters, and this story hit home. My knitting friend Sherry has a friend who is telling her remarkable rescue/adoption story. Vinnie, her newly adopted puppy-dog, had a near fatal reaction to his post-adoption vaccinations. His condition deteriorated quickly, but here's where it gets amazing. The rescue/adoption center - 4 Paws Sake - that she adopted him from stepped in and took charge of his care and covered the medical expenses (which amounted - after considerable discounts from the vets - to over $1,000). His story is pretty amazing. You should read it.

If you can relate to this story as I can, you might paws a moment for this cause. Many of us knitters are joining together to help pay these medical bills back to 4 Paws Sake so they can continue this amazing work, which I only wish I could do on my own. A couple of very popular knitting stores have donated items for a raffle - $5 per ticket - to benefit 4 Paws Sake. Check out the prizes at the bottom of this page!

I don't know about you, but if I ever have the weight limit in my household down enough for me to adopt again, I'm definitely going to consider 4 Paws Sake.

Here's how to get a raffle ticket, if you're interested:
(1) Go to
(2) Click "Make a Donation".
(3) Enter $5.00 as your donation amount (or more, as you desire).
(4) PayPal will walk you through the rest of the transaction.
(5) Forward your PayPal confirmation to to be entered in the raffle.


KTMay said...

"PAWS a Moment" THAT is perfect! Thank you so very much for your donation and for posting the link to Vinnie's raffle! The kindness of complete strangers is just overwhelming! Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...
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