Saturday, September 27

I Took a Shortcut

As my knitting friends know, math is an important component in knitting. I have finally learned my lesson. After skipping the math part of several of my projects, this is by far the best example of why I not to do it again.

The math: at 4 stitches to the inch, I could make a 4-foot by 4-foot blanket with approximately 200 stitches. Instead, I skipped the math and simply thought 400 was a good number. So, I am knitting 400 rows of 400 stitches each.

Really, Mindy? This is the blanket so far.
...after 120 rows
...over 30 hours
...and 48,000 stitches.
It's 9-feet, without even being stretched out.

No more shortcuts!




Lisa said...

Are you sure that is for the baby, and not your brother? Maybe you could steek it, spin it and sew it? The camo effect is v cool though!

Robin said...

oh. my. god. It's huge!

Sarah Pekkanen said...

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Mindy said...

Hey, Sarah! I'm excited to read your manuscript and am enjoying your monthly newsletters.

On the knitting front, I tried to seam it together and ended up stuffing it in a basket at the top of our spare bedroom closet. Frogged! Never to be seen again. I knit another one with chunkier yarn, which I'll give to them at Christmas. Perhaps I'll rip this out and use it to start an actual pattern! Duh!