Monday, February 18

Crochet - Back with a Vengance

I happened to be over at Rosie's today "turning in" my final project for Lisa M. for use in her upcoming project. I dreamily flipped through patterns, longing for the day that the baby blanket finally notes "Finished" with a smiley face on my Ravelry page. Courtney, master of all things fiber and created with fiber, happened to be in the store. I mentioned that when she had time, I'd like to schedule a private session with her - a remedial crochet course. Her reply, "What are you doing from 6-8 tonight?" Note, it was 5 when she asked. Rosie's was having a Beginner Crochet course (which I of course informed her that was still too hard for me), and that only one person had signed up. The 1 person, plus a Rosie's employee were going to be there, and she invited me.

Yay! Everyone has had a favorite teacher in their life. For me, Courtney is that teacher. Since I've already been through Beginner Crochet and, in Courtney's words, "flunked", I'll pick a project other than those I've already tried and failed from that class. I'll go ahead with the basic "face cloth" (aka washcloth) that is the first project. Then, I'm going to work on one of the adorable stuffed animals that I have queued in Ravelry.

...but I'm still working on the baby blanket too. There are 90 days until that kiddo enters the world, and he's going to be cold. It's up to Auntie to keep him warm, so that's top priority.


mariss said...

That's great for you! You're finally going to learn. I should schedule a private crochet lesson with Courtney too ;)

I won't get to see you gals until next Wednesday. I'll be in NYC tomorrow, and have a friend in town this weekend. I hope the plants will still be there--because I certainly want a few ;)

Don't worry, you'll finish the blankie!

Lisa said...

I had fun sitting in with the crocheters, as I hid out from the rain.

Your washcloth is going to be the most beautiful ever!!!

natasha said...

i got the book "visual crochet and knitting" and it helped me a lot. if you can knit, you can crochet, it really is easier. don't sweat it!