Thursday, February 21

This Can't be Right!

I finished what is supposed to be the first of a pair of Emily Mitts - the newborn version. However, I can't imagine a newborn with this tiny of hands. I've seen Emily, Lisa, and Robin's mitts, and I think they all made the 6-month version, so naturally they were larger. But nevertheless, this seems so much smaller. I think my gauge was right: 8 stitches & 12 rows to the inch. What do you think? Do you have a newborn whose hand you can take a picture of next to a quarter? In the meantime, I'm going to cast on the 6-month version. If nothing else, I can use this mitt as a thimble.


EmilyG said...

Hi, Mindy! You're quite right - that can't be right! :)

It looks to me like you missed the instruction that says "Repeat * to * once more."

The instruction to be repeated is: "*Next 4 rounds: K all sts in MC. Next 4 rows: K all sts in CC.*" Since you're only using one color, that basically just means knit 16 rounds even before you start the decreases. It looks like you only knit about 8 rounds even.

Another thing that might be an issue is your yarn choice. These were designed to use koigu or a similar fingering weight yarn at 8 sts/inch (other good substitutions could be nature's pallate, louet gems, or sea wool). The Manos Silk is more of a DK weight, and the silk makes it much less sproingy and stretchy than koigu or another all-wool yarn.

By knitting the Manos on size 2s, you'll get a very dense fabric that might not lend itself to stretching around baby hands even if you increase the number of rounds you knit. If you really wanted to use the Manos, I'd suggest you go up to maybe a size 5needle or larger, and adjust the number of stitches to account for the larger gauge.

By the way, I'm pretty sure all the ones you've seen were actually the newborn size.

I'm so sorry you're having trouble! Good luck, and feel free to email me!

Mindy said...

Thanks, Emily! I'll try again after I run to Rosie's and get some koigu. Thanks again.

Robin said...

I did the newborn size. I ended up using #3 needles instead of the #2 Emily called for b/c I am a tight knitter. Good luck w/ the next pair!

Lisa said...


Mine where the newborn size knit on size 2 needles. I agree with Em's assessment on all counts. Good thing they are so small and painless to rip back :)

Mindy said...

I bought the Koigu today - two skeins actually - so I can follow Emily's pattern to the T. I think I skipped the part because I was taking out the striping part. Also, I didn't have a printed (printer on the fritz) version, so I kept having to pull up the pattern online. You guys are so swell! Thanks for the help and encouragement!

Wendy said...

Hope that new Koigu helps you out! Definitely good color choices, even if it is matchy matchy!


Mindy said...

Thanks Wendy! You're too funny.