Thursday, February 28

That's More Like It!

Well, with Emily's help, I've completed the newborn Emily mitts. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Emily and Lisa were surprised at the edging, which I thought was exactly according to the pattern's instruction to wiggle the I-cord "in and out of every other rib".

Just another example of me not reading a pattern correctly. Fortunately, Emily liked it, and the others thought it was cute. Sometimes it works, and (as the below blog entry exhibits) sometimes it doesn't.

The Koigu was the key, and Wendy helped me pick out the colors. Wendy is quite funny. She picks yarn, buttons, and patterns that are anything but standard, and I'm what she describes as "too matchy-matchy". I'm a cliche in my color choices, and Wendy is trying to help me think outside the box. I do think about the colors before I purchase, but I usually still end up with matchy-matchy options. I am working on it though, Wendy!

I'm working on a matching hat, which is cast on at the right of the small picture above. Lisa Myers' pattern called "James Dean Hat". The baby is due Sunday, so I better get busy. It's the last piece of my gift package for the baby. Then, I'm hoping to start something fun for myself, and keep working on my nephew who is due in May.


Wendy said...

A few more "matchy matchy" therapy sessions at the Yarn Cellar, and I do believe you're going to be on the road to recovery!

Nice work with the mitts - the baby will definitely be stylin', even with a matching hat!


Lisa said...

So sweet! The hat is going to fly by, it is such a fun fast knit.

Oh, and Miss Matchy-Matchy, I think you are rubbing off on me :) My Gretel and long gloves, while different yarns are almost identical in color. Its almost like having a matching set!

EmilyG said...

Yay! Nice work, Mindy!

mariss said...

Your friends are going to love the baby gifts! Your knitting is coming along so well, I'm very proud of you.

If you ever need any more lessons on not being "matchy-matchy", I charge by the hour. ;)

Robin said...

They look great! Love the colors. :-)