Tuesday, March 25

Back to Crochet

One last thing about the biker vest first (more pictures below). I added a bit of fringe to the back of it in order to hide the fact that the "H" is a little too low. I'm mailing it off today, in hopes that my dad will get it and deliver it to my brother this weekend.

I'm excited to have started a new crochet project that is turning out pretty good, thanks of course to Courtney at Rosie's. She's having a $20 drop in crochet class every Monday night. There are a few of us who attend regularly, and we love the smallness of the group. The individual attention is incredibly helpful, especially since this is remedial learning for me. Nevertheless, I hope you guys stop by sometime, or tell your friends about it. We're thinking of making it a little Crochet Circle. Who knows. Courtney's just going to see where it goes.

Anyway, I started a pattern from Carol Meldrum's Easy Crocheted Accessories. It's a little purse/shopping bag, and I'm making it for myself. I have a rule that my first attempt at a new type of project (other than simple swatches) should be for myself...just like the sock monkey that is pictured. The odd balls are for me to look at and be encouraged as I improve. Of course, now I need to make a cuter sock monkey for you to see, so I can prove that I can make one that doesn't look like a third grader put it together.

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