Sunday, March 23

Biker Monkey

I took these pictures while on the phone with my dad. His low, baritone, "ha, ha, ha" is his signature way of saying how much he likes something. I'm thrilled. The back is a little big, and the "H" is a little low. It's probably more a 6-9 month outfit, rather than the intended newborn. Something tells me he'll wear it at lease once as a newborn.

Now, as for the monkey. This was my first sock monkey, and it was actually a total whim while I was at my folks' house a couple of years ago. I stole a pair of my Dad's socks, and started cutting. Anyway, this poor malformed monkey was born. Don't make fun of him for his deformities, such as a tail that is twice as long and three times as thick as his leg. He just doesn't have the best genes, I fully admit. I'll try to make another sock monkey before I leave Philly, so you know I can make a properly formed one.


takinanap said...

the sock monkey is sweet and full of personality! as for the biker vest...very cool. of all the sock monkeys i have made, i have not done a biker monkey and since my hubby has a new triumph, a biker monkey is in order. thanks for the idea!

Lisa said...

Too cute! I am so happy your dad is tickled with the biker vest. Mr Monkey is a little wonky, but has oodles of charm.

And, just for you Mindy...bless your heart.

Wendy said...

Hmm . . kind of looks more like sock elephant with a cold, but I'd rather have that little guy than a webkinz anyday!


mariss said...

Too cute! You're quite the crafter, Miss Mindy! The baby is going to look so cute in his biker outfit. Great job :)