Friday, March 21

A Different Kind of Baby Knits

It's a good thing that we're close enough for me to be over my concern about what you guys think of me, and that I'm resolved in knowing that to you, I'm the odd, eccentric, matchy-matchy southern girl. So since we're close, I'm revealing to you that I'm making my nephew (due in May) a little motorcycle outfit. My father recently purchased a new motorcycle. He sold his last one to pay for a semester of my college education - undeniably sweet, isn't it? My brother has also been jonesing for a bike since before the baby was a twinkle. Just to put you over the edge and seal your opinion about me and my family, I thought I'd also let you know that my sister-in-law has ridden Dad's bike several times throughout her pregnancy.

All right, go ahead. I know what you're thinking - Shock! Awe! You're crazy! I knew something was wrong with you people from the other side of the Mason-Dixon. This just further proves that ya'll are all nuts!

I'll spare you from the rest of our strange ways, or I'll at least vow to introduce them to you gradually - for your health's sake.

My dad has been hunting everywhere for a little biker outfit for the baby to wear when he holds the baby on the motorcycle for a photo op. His hunt has been unsuccessful, so I am making Dad a newborn biker suit to give to my brother. This is the vest. The britches are next. It's Berroco Suede, and I'm having a lot of fun making it. I'm more tickled about giving it to my dad than to the baby. It's my attempt to repay him for him sacrificing his favorite toy for my college education.


Lisa said...

Mindy, honey, I love the "H"! But, bless your heart...we don't say "Ya'll", you crazy southerner. (shakes head in disbelieve while giggling maddly)

mariss said...

Well, excuse me, Miss Lisa. I say "y'all" all the time! And since I'm in Indiana today, people are saying, "Y'uns". Hee hee.

Mindy, that is so sweet of your dad, what he did. I love the little biker outfit, and think it's fine your SIL rode on the bike. No judging from me :)


EmilyG said...

ADORABLE. And wicked cool! :)