Tuesday, January 29

Baby Blanket = Time Vacuum

While I know I will love my little nephew enough to have made countless baby blankets, as this is my first baby blanket, I am quickly realizing that they take considerable time. In speaking with several people at Rosie's, I have learned that even the experts share my opinion.

The time is not a product of this basket weave pattern, which takes no longer than garter stitching the blanket. The time seems to go by as if I were trying to find a taxi in the rain at 8:30a here in Philadelphia. It may not be that it really takes that long - it just seems to take forever.
What does this boredom lead to? In Lisa's case, completing 15 other projects during the course of knitting her absolutely breathtaking blanket. In my case, dreaming of completing one (just one!) of Lisa's creations. Instead though, I added another 30 patterns to my queue. Eat your heart out, Lisa. You don't have nearly as many projects in your queue as I do. I guess you're just too busy!


mariss said...

Ah, young grasshopper. Every knitter needs to knit at least one baby blanket, and then realize quilting is the answer!!! Just teasing you. Your blanket will be a labor of love, and your nephew will love it. It'll all be worth it when you're done ;)

Lisa said...

Mindy, you got some knittin' to do! I saw the queue explosion...quite impressive.

Blankies do take forever...and in my own opinion should only be made for babies whose mommies will let them love it and drag it over hill and dale. Your nephew will have something to treasure from you (and he might not ever out grow it)

Mindy said...

Perhaps I should start using the "Favorites" tab, rather than the queue. I just want to tag the patterns I really like.

Robin said...

Mindy, I feel the same way about my Vladivstock (sp?) shawl. Why I decided to make another one I don't know. What I do know is it takes me about an hour to do 1 pattern repeat, which is about an inch. Yeah, this thing is supposed to be at least 70 inches long.

No blankets for my niece. Instead she'll get the cute little mitts, socks, and James Dean hat.