Sunday, January 27

Bunchy Baby Sweater & Hat

I finished the baby sweater and hat that I mentioned earlier. I strayed from the cute ribbon design the pattern called for and opted for a more durable button/pompom option. Ribbon is a pain to maintain through washing/cleaning. There is a little more whipstitching that the pattern calls for around the neck flaps and down the middle. Theoretically, I'm sure it would help complete the look, but I'm not sure whether I'll do it. I've had trouble whipstiching too tightly, and the yarn is bunching a bit. I've already blocked the sweater, and it's still a bit bunched. The hat is much less bunchy, and I didn't have to block it, partially because I whipstiched much looser and partially because there's far less of it.

I'm definitely still learning to knit. I haven't yet held a consistent gauge throughout any projects. Clearly, the orange sweater pointed that out. I'm still thinking of soaking it in some hot water for a short spell before sewing the button on. I've worn it a couple of times, and it's just irritatingly too big. Not to mention, it would probably benefit from blocking!

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Lisa said...

Ahhhhh the wee set is adorable! love the pompoms!