Friday, January 11

Overzealous ever? No? Me neither.

There is this marvelous website/database for knitters and crocheters ( I've been a member for several months, but I just dug into it for the first time tonight. There are innumberable patterns for everything from things like what I've made, such as sweaters, hats, & scarves to intricate shawls like this one (which someone at Rosie's has made in red, and it displays beautifully in the window)

(Bird's Eye Shawl by Sharon Miller)

to some slightly odder shawls like this

(Manipura by Persones llanes, kamikazeknits)

to adorable toy frogs and turtles like these.


(Freddy Frog by Stormy'z Crochet)

Within one hour, I had downloaded 59 patterns. 75% of them have techniques in them that I can't even pronounce, the other 25% are crochet patterns. Hmmm, I think I'll just stick with my boring brown basic socks for tonight and dream about making something breathtakingly extravagant - like everyone else in Knitting Circle.


Lisa said...

Holy Cow!!!! You weren't kidding. I just went to my friends' activity tab and it looks like you have added every pattern in Ravelry to your queue. Hope you are knitting furiously right now :)

Mindy said...

I checked out some of your queues, and if I scale back into the 40s, I'll be within range of a few of you, just to blend in. :)
I am knitting furiously, by the way. I'm working on the heel of my first sock. I work a row, then take out two rows. So, knitting furiously, but going nowhere. That's par for the course for me.

Robin said...

It's totally addictive, isn't it? I keep thinking of new projects but know that I need to start working on my mom's Vladivstock again. Since I started it, I've done 2 sweaters, a scarf, and 1 sock - all b/c of ravelry!

Mindy said...

You knit fast! Since I started my sock, I've knit 6 inches. :-)

mariss said...

You're hooked! Ha ha. Ravelry is an awesome site, it's really changing things.

I think you'll be making lace soon :)