Wednesday, January 23

Oh Baby, Baby!

I guess everyone reaches the age when it seems everyone around them is having a baby...or two. I'm definitely at that age. My brother's boy is due in May. Our friends' in March. An essential member of Rosie's shop and culture had one in November. Chris has several other classmates who have had babies in the past few months. It's overwhelming, actually. Suddenly, I've woken up, and most of the girls I graduated high school with are mommies of at least one kiddo, also. What's a non-mommy to do? Well, in my case, knit! And dream of the day when my family isn't 1600 miles away and my husband hasn't just signed up for several years of 90-hour work weeks.

I'm working on a matching sweater, hat, booties, & teddy bear for the baby girl due in March from Susan B. Anderson's itty-bitty nursery.

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Lisa said...

I was beginning to think there was something you had not told the girls about last night, when I saw all the baby stuff pop up in your Ravelry queue!