Tuesday, January 22

Pictures of My Projects

It has been a while since I last blogged, as I waited for photos of more of my projects.

Here is my first sweater. It's considerably larger and off in other ways to the orginal pattern. Honestly, I'm quite glad that it's recognizable as a sweater. I have a button to put on yet, but it's virually finished. Once I have the button on, I'll have the Knitting Circle girls take a picture of me in it. Some of them also volunteer to bring their first sweater to make me feel better.

This is a felted bag that we made in Beginner Knitting Class. We knitted a giant bad and were supposed to put in a hot water washing cycle and check often. I didn't check often enough, apparently, so mine is a camera bag rather than a purse.

This bag I filled with pacifiers and gave to my pregnant friend. I'm working on some more fun things for her too.

This is the start and finish of my first sock. I finished it yesterday, and with great relief. I struggled with the tiny needles and the fuzzy yarn. I added a different color to the heel and toe, but I'm not impressed enough to try that yarn for another sock. Maybe I'll use it to make a teddy bear.

This is a granny square. My only crochet success. Frankly it was a success because the teacher got impatient, took it from me and finished it. My problem? What do you do with one granny square. Well, my kitty found it's purpose quickly.

This is one of the sock monkeys I've made, which was my hobby before knitting. Unfortunately, I've given many of the cuter ones away. This is the sock monkey I made for my husband, who is an Investment Banker. I even stitched a tie tack on him.

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Lisa said...

Mindy, that sock monkey is sweeeeeet! There is just something about sock monkeys that I love.